Enzo Maresca could already be about to upset some Chelsea players after becoming the club’s new manager.

The 44-year-old replaces the Argentine after just one season at his now former club Leicester City.

Maresca is set to begin work at Cobham on 1 July, and when he does there could be some radical changes that may annoy some Chelsea players.

What could Enzo Maresca end up banning at Chelsea?

Maresca has brought fitness coach Marcos Alvarez to Chelsea with him.

As per The Telegraph, Alvarez was the man who had several things banned on the menu at Tottenham Hotspur during his time there.

According to the same outlet, Chelsea players could now see things like sauce, cake, salt and pepper and fried eggs banned at Cobham.

While Pochettino also kept an eye on his players’ diet while at Chelsea, The Telegraph’s report says he did not take a militant stand on the above.

Chelsea’s quest for top four

Chelsea have missed out on Champions League qualification two seasons in a row now.

It is disappointing, especially considering how much money the club have spent over the last couple of years.

Next term, they have to break into the top four again. If it takes Maresca and his staff being taskmasters, then so be it.

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