Petr Cech admitted to being captivated by Thiago Silva’s commitment and class since joining Chelsea.

Thiago Silva has been something of a revelation for the Blues. (Photo: Getty Images)

Writing for the club website, the iconic goalkeeper paid homage to another great of the game who is still going strong at the highest level.

After being signed by Frank Lampard on a free transfer in the summer of 2020, Thiago Silva took a little time to adjust to his new surroundings.

Almost unfathomably, the 37-year-old has got better with time. The fact only five outfield players have made more appearances for Chelsea in 2021/22 than Silva says a lot about not only his importance, but also his longevity.

"We are all impressed by Thiago. We always believed he would be exactly what he has become to us," admitted Cech.
"He has proven it, and you can see what a great addition he has been. When you look at Thiago, you don’t see any differences between him playing 10 years ago and now. That’s the impressive part."

Silva’s ability to stay available at his age is a testament to the way he trains and looks after his body.

"The way he trains is the key. He also trains fully concentrated and with full commitment. He looks after himself and this is why he is able to play at this high level for such a long time," continued Cech about Silva’s superb fitness.  
(Photo: Getty Images)
"Put it together with his experience and immense talent, and that’s why he is so successful even when he is getting older."

Chelsea can call upon Silva for at least another season after he signed a new contract until 2023. We doubt there will be any difference between now and next summer, other than a few extra grey hairs.

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