Wayne Rooney has provided a detailed analysis of what is perhaps the best goal in Premier League history—his legendary bicycle kick from the Manchester derby in 2011—to help celebrate the league's 30th anniversary.

In the 1211-12 season, Rooney stunned Old Trafford by scoring an incredible goal for Manchester United against their “noisy neighbours,” Manchester City. The goal gave the Red Devils a 2-1 victory.

The goal, according to United boss Alex Ferguson, was the best he had ever seen at Old Trafford. 

"It was stunning. Unbelievable. We've had some fantastic goals here but in terms of execution... you'll never see that," said Ferguson.

Rooney’s amazing strike would subsequently earn the Premier League Goal of the 20 Seasons accolade on the competition’s 20th anniversary.

Rooney has now broken down the goal in detail to commemorate the league's 30th anniversary. 

"It's probably one of the worst games I've ever played," said Rooney. "If I'm being honest I didn't play well at all. You'll even see that the ball I lay off to Scholesy [Paul Scholes], it's sloppy really. I bobble it into him. 

"As the ball is being crossed, it takes a deflection and it's gone slightly behind me. "I just thought 'why not try it?' I've tried it enough times in training. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. "Nine times out of ten you hit it over the bar, you don't catch it right. But that one time, you get it right. 

"You hear the noise of the noise, the fans, the crowd. You feel every emotion from them. "And then I’ve just stood there with my arms out, head back. "It was a special moment."

A special moment indeed. Rooney’s greatest goal, in his word.

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