During the press conference. Tuchel and Guardiola were both asked how prepared they’re for possible penalty shootout.

Thomas Tuchel’s side have won their last two games with Manchester City.

Conversely, the City fans are hoping the UCL final has come in normal time and the trophy will be brought to Manchester.

It is partially assumed that Pep Guardiola is yet to play his strongest side against Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel when asked how prepared he is for potential penalty shootout:

“We always practise penalties when facing a match where it is possible to end in this way.

Still, we believe that we can take care of some patterns, rhythms and certain habits during penalties which we did.

“Honestly, the penalty shootout [in training] was fantastic in terms of quality from the takers, I don’t think I ever saw something like this. 20 penalties taken in a row on no miss. They were so well-taken. Let’s see.

“We have identified the guys who should take the penalties for us, but in the end, I don’t know who is on the pitch. In the end, we need to be well prepared. We will go into it together no matter what happens.”