“I think we lost the game last night more than anything else, it was totally our responsibility. We had huge chances that we did not take, we gave Arsenal a total gift for their goal and overall we were just not sharp enough.

“We did not put up the same levels of energy and intensity as usual and that’s on me. I think maybe I made too many changes from our last match and I take full responsibility. “Perhaps this is the last wake up call for all of us.”

“I’m not happy with my line-up today. “I made too many changes and even though that’s easy for me to say after a loss, I should not have done it like this.

“It’s still a big fight for the top four. It’s always a big fight, it never felt like a relief and today is a lesson for us to learn from.

“I think things are still in our hands but today is a chance missed. We’ve had some good results but now we must show how we cope and react to a bad defeat.”