Cafu, a Brazilian legend and World Cup winner, has once more attempted to defend Trent Alexander-Arnold by pointing out that both he and Roberto Carlos have experienced similar criticism in the past.

The full-back for Liverpool and England is still being criticized for his alleged defensive shortcomings, which are seen as limiting his ability to play for his country at the international level.

However, Cafu continues to be a huge supporter of the intrepid 24-year-old, who has played a crucial role at Anfield during a period of Champions League and Premier League title victories. Cafu has told legendary figures from Brazil’s past that they could not defend

before they went on to enjoy World Cup glory in 2002.

When asked to explain why Alexander-Arnold will still be passed over by England in Qatar 2022, Cafu told Gazzetta dello Sport:

“I don’t understand why [he isn’t playing]. He’s the full package: he has quality, dribbling skills, and pace. But it’s always the same thing.

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“They say you don’t defend and sit you. They used to do the same thing to me and Roberto Carlos, but I’d argue we managed to win something anyway. The style of the fullbacks has become robotic, there are fewer cuts without the ball.”

Gareth Southgate named Alexander-Arnold to England’s 26-man squad for the 2022 World Cup, but he has seen no game time in two Group B fixtures, with Newcastle defender Kieran Trippier taking up right-back duties and Manchester City star Kyle Walker recovering from injury.

Klopp has constructed his team around Arnold’s creativity, which has led to Liverpool‘s incredible success, while the emphasis on his defending has been, in a word, excessive.

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At a time when the Englishman is still being ignored by the manager of his national side, Cafu is the most recent in a long line of admirers.