The Premier League

The Premier League is the highest tier in the English football league system.

The Premier League, which is also known as The Football Association Premier League Limited, is the highest tier in the English football league system.Twenty clubs compete for it, and with the English Football League uses a promotion and relegation system.

Typically, seasons last from August to May, during which each team participates in 38 games (playing all 19 other teams both home and away).
The majority of games take place on weekends.


Following the vote of clubs in the Football League First Division to separate from the Football League, founded in 1888, the competition was founded as the FA Premier League on February 20, 1992.

The Premier League is the international sports league with the most viewers

As of 2021, the Premier League holds the top spot in the league rankings determined by the UEFA coefficients based on results in European competitions over the previous five seasons.


Five English clubs have collectively won fourteen European trophies, making the English top division the second-highest producer of UEFA Champions League/European Cup victories.

The Premier League is a corporation whose management is overseen by Richard Masters, its CEO.

Founded20 February 1992; 30 years ago
Number of teams20
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to EFL Championship
Domestic cup(s)FA CupFA Community Shield
League cup(s)EFL Cup
Current championsManchester City [6th title] [2021–22]
Most championships Manchester United [13 titles]
Most appearancesGareth Barry [653]
Top goalscorerAlan Shearer [260]

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