A remarkable piece of technology being used by Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid to simulate a moving free-kick wall may be a glimpse into the future.Β Check the footage below. This is crazy.

As you can see in the video up top, it seems like the equipment lets users change the height of specific figures, so you may anticipate potential opponents based on their stature.

So, for instance, Los Blancos players might practice shooting over a mannequin that is similar to the height of Andreas Christensen or Jules Kounde before a match versus Barcelona.

There are a total of six life-size mannequins, but you can take one out at any time. While Toni Kroos easily found the net, Luka Modric used a five-‘robot’ wall to curl one past the Madrid goalkeeper.

Every little detail matters, as they say, particularly when you are defending your Champions League title in the coming months.

Here is how the new technology was received on social media.

One report stated: “From a few cones and some ladders, football training equipment has advanced significantly. Incredible tech being used by Real Madrid,” while another commented: “The march of the robot. They are now defending free throws.”

Another added: “Why don’t people see this is effective? We probably only scored two free kicks last season, but we’ve already done it twice in our last four games.”

Madrid really goes above and beyond in terms of technology use.