The Champion of England!

On the dramatic final day of the Premier League season, the day the relegation and the title battles were all decided.

Pep Guardiola’s men were in danger of throwing away the title, trailing two goals behind their visitors.

Gundogan who came in as sup headed home a classical goal in the 76th minute — What a delivery from Sterling.
Two minutes later, City was level. Rodri made it 2:2. It was Gundogan again with the 81st-minute winner from Kevin De Bruyne’s cross.

The German international proved City’s magnificent-sub with an historical winner. These are the days the fans will often look back to, it was an unimaginable game.

The very win that ended Liverpool’s Quadruple hopes came in the most spectacular manner as City pulled themselves back from 0-2 down; turning the game around with three goals in five minutes to win 3-2.

City, won the Premier League crown with 93 points. Liverpool finish second with 92 points. The Reds also coming from a goal down to beat Wolves 3-1 at Anfield but that wasn’t still enough for Klopp’s men.

Klopp after the match: “Congratulations At Manchester City, Pep Guardiola and the whole club.
“In this moment, it’s disappointing. We couldn’t do more today, we had to win the game – we needed help. Villa made life as uncomfortable for City as Wolves did for us. City reacted, and that is why they are Champion.”

Tottenham Hotspur made it into the Champions League by finishing in the top four with a 5-0 win over Norwich.

Tottenham Hotspur have secured their place in next season’s Champions League

Meanwhile, the Gunners finished fifth after a 5-1 win over Everton.
As United ended up sixth following a 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace.

Burnley couldn’t escape relegation after a 2-1 loss to Newcastle, a 94th-minute winner from Jack Harrison kept Leeds United as they beat Brentford 2-1.

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Leeds United’s final day relegation escape

The English Premier League 2022 final day was yet another phenomenal day in the league’s history. The day the relegation and the title battles were all decided.

Manchester City crowned Premier League champions. One of the sensational comebacks in the club’s history.

The moment

“We are legends. When you win in this country, four times in five years, it’s because these guys are so, so special. We will be remembered…” __Pep Guardiola