What shirt number could Frenkie de Jong take at Manchester United?

A deal between Manchester United and Barcelona for the signing of midfielder Frenkie de Jong is getting closer.

The days of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick are now firmly in the past, and the Barcelona player might assist new manager Erik ten Hag usher in a new era at Old Trafford.

Here is De Jong’s history with shirt numbers and the possible jersey he would wear at United while the two teams continue to discuss the transaction.

De Jong’s shirt number history

  • Ajax shirt number

De Jong received the number 21 jersey in recognition of his outstanding 2016–17 year with Ajax. Since then, he hasn’t turned back and has acknowledged that it is his favorite option.

He admitted in 2019: “I feel at comfortable with that number.

“I could easily play with another number, you know, it’s not a problem, but it is nice that it also gives people a way of recognising me.

“I brought my whole family to my presentation in Barcelona, except my grandfather Hans de Jong, my father’s father. He died on the day of my 21st birthday. Unconsciously it is also a kind of tribute. He was a huge football fan.”

  • Barcelona shirt number

2019 saw De Jong relocate to Barcelona, where he was once more assigned his favorite number. Carles Alena had previously worn it, although a swap was not problematic given his position on the squad’s periphery.

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He has maintained that shirt throughout his three seasons at Camp Nou.

  • Netherlands shirt number

Given that every major star has a particular favorites, the jersey numbers used by international football players frequently differ from those worn in club football.

De Jong took the number 25 from Georginio Wijnaldum when he made his Dutch national team debut in 2018. The Dutchman wore 23 for his subsequent appearance.

Although he has occasionally worn the number 7, due to his present significance to the Holland team, he has recently maintained his preferred 21 shirt.

  • Manchester United shirt number

With regard to the transfer of midfielder Frenkie de Jong, Manchester United and Barcelona are getting closer to an understanding.

The number 21 jersey has been worn in recent years by Daniel James and Edinson Cavani, but the former left for Leeds last season, and the latter left after his contract expired.

De Jong is now free to choose the number if he decides to go from Camp Nou to Old Trafford, which is fantastic news for him.