Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend describes how they began an affair while still married before the footballer 'dragged' her to the floor and locked her outside of a Dubai hotel room naked after she suspected him of messaging another woman.

In November 2020, the 48-year-old former Manchester United star is in court facing three counts, including attacking former partner Kate Greville and her sister.

In a police interview, Kate Greville sobbed as she told how Ryan Giggs ‘dragged’ her out of a hotel room naked and dropped her in the corridor after she accused him of messaging another woman in an affair that began when she requested him to autograph a football shirt for her mother.

Ms Greville’s 105-minute interview with officers in November 2020, following the alleged assault, was aired in court today, in which she detailed how they began having an affair after bonding over their sad marriages.

He denies all charges.

Ryan Giggs arrives Manchester Crown Court with his legal team

After giving her account of their relationship in the pre-recorded police film, Kate Greville will be cross-examined in court later today.

Before “red flags” appeared and he started calling her a “whore” and accusing him of “f***ing someone else” if she didn’t see him, Ms. Greville told police she left her husband after falling in love with her “soulmate” and “best friend,” Giggs. She claimed that when she confronted Giggs about his serial indiscretions, he made her feel “paranoid” and “like a maniac,” and that at one point, he was seeing two other women behind her back.

When accused of cheating while they were in a hotel room in Dubai in 2017, a clearly distraught Greville tells the officer that Giggs “flipped” after the accusation. Greville claimed that she was completely naked when Giggs grabbed her by the wrist and “dragged” her from the hotel room, leaving her there with her possessions.

“We got back to the hotel room [from a nightclub], and I said something and again he flipped,” Greville told the officer.

“I had no clothes on, he grabbed me by my wrist, so hard, dragged me into the lounge bit, grabbed my on the floor, all my suitcase and threw it all into the corridor and then shut the door. I was just there naked, all my stuff in the corridor. I got all my stuff back in and got back into bed – I had to get my stuff with a towel wrapped around me.”

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She said that Giggs told her: “You made me do this… I don’t want to be with you anymore” and tried to “put it on me…. saying I was always accusing him of cheating.”

At the beginning of the police interview Greville said that she met Giggs in 2013 when working for a PR agency that was hired by a company owned by the footballer. Greville said that she and Giggs would talk about their unhappy marriages and they began to have an affair after she called to a hotel room he was staying in to have a shirt signed.

“It was like I met my best friend, the one to save me from my marriage,” Greville said. “He’d say I was his soulmate. It was more than a sexual thing.”

She described their early relationship as “like a love story from the movies” and believed that they were “passionately in love.”

The policeman was then informed by Greville that Giggs had claimed to have left his wife, Stacey, and that they had talked about having a family. When news of their affair broke in May 2016, Greville claimed to have learned that this was not the case and that Stacey Giggs and the footballer’s daughter had sent her “nasty messages.”

Greville, who throughout the relationship referred to herself as “naive and foolish,” relocated to Abu Dhabi to attempt to avoid Giggs, but he continued to message her, often 30 times per day, and later came to Dubai to visit her.

Their relationship restarted after Greville got back to Manchester, but she first encountered his aggressiveness in the hotel room in Dubai.

Greville held the impression that Giggs was seeing other women at various times and reported receiving anonymous emails alleging that he was having affairs on multiple occasions.

“I didn’t even realise I was the ex-girlfriend,” she told the police officer.

In 2018, she said, issues “started to ramp up” despite “still thinking he was my best friend.”

Greville stated to the policeman that Giggs did not compel her to have sex with him but rathe “he’d randomly send sexual messages or pictures.” She added: “He was completely using me for sex. He wouldn’t leave me alone.”