Romelu Lukaku has received the Harry Maguire treatment in Ghana's parliament after being used as an example by MP Alex Tetteh Djornobuah to disparage the nation's former president.

Days after Harry Maguire was mocked there for his performance against Croatia, Romelu Lukaku was harshly mentioned in the Ghanaian parliament for his performance.

When the Red Devils were eliminated from the World Cup, the Belgium striker fled the pitch in tears after missing four easy shots, and the jeers continued to pour in.

But he wasn’t just the target of social media jokes; a Ghanaian MP called him “the worst striker in the whole world” and made a comparison between him and the nation’s former leader.

During a discussion of the 2023 budget on Wednesday, Ghanaian politician Isaac Adongo verbally attacked vice-president Mahamudu Bawumia while attacking Manchester United defender Harry Maguire.


In a speech that went viral right away, he called the vice president a “economic Maguire” and used the England star’s disastrous recent form as a metaphor for his incapacity to manage the nation’s economy.

Currently, Lukaku has been brought into the debate, with MP Alex Tetteh Djornobuah defending the vice president and urging Ghanaians not to vote president John Dramani Mahama back into office by drawing comparisons between him and the ineffective Belgian.

“It is better for us to maintain Maguire that we will be able to have his confidence back rather than bring a striker like Romelu Lukaku, whom Chelsea sold to Inter Milan and later had the confidence that Lukaku can actually help them with their striking force, not knowing that Lukaku is the worst striker in the whole world,” he told the house.

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“We are not ready to bring back such a striker into the country again.”

In case you missed it, here’s what Mr Adongo said about Maguire earlier this week: “There is a player in the United Kingdom, in England, called Maguire that is playing for Manchester United. Harry Maguire. He is a defender. He was tackling everybody and throwing his body everywhere like he was the best defender in the world.

“Manchester United went and bought him. He became the biggest threat at the centre of Manchester United’s defence, tackling Manchester’s players and giving assists to opponents. Mr Speaker, when the opponent’s failed to score Maguire would score for them. In this country we also have an economic Maguire.

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“The same economic Maguire was giving lectures at university on how to restore the value of the city. Mr Speaker, why did we give this Maguire the opportunity to be at the centre of our defence? He became the risk of our own goal. Our economic Maguire is taking control of the fundamentals of our economy and destroying all of them.”

In Ghanaian politics, football metaphors appear to be popular. Maybe it’s about time British MPs did the same.