Following his injury against AFC Bournemouth, Reece James posted an emotional post on social media. Jude Bellingham and Rafael Leao have responded.
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Reece James‘ return to competitive football was cut short as he was forced off in the second half.

Because of a severe knee injury he sustained in the away group stage fixture against AC Milan in October, James was not selected for England’s World Cup roster. He got his start against the Cherries eight weeks after his injury, but he only lasted an hour before tripping over once more.

Although he didn’t send out a message regarding the injury itself, James took to social media on Wednesday to write:

“2022 has been the toughest year to date. Just wanna thank you all for the support, none of you go unnoticed.

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“It’s naturally effected me mentally, I’m currently just tryna deal with the cards I’ve been dealt. I hope your end of year is filled with peace, joy & happiness.”

Reece James has been in and out of fitness throughout, but when healthy, he has been arguably Chelsea F.C.’s best player. James missed some time in the first few months of 2022 due to an injury he sustained in the previous season.

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James’ close friend Bellingham responded to his message on social media by posting a red love heart. The two are practically inseparable when in England together.

The 19-year-old is a target for Chelsea as the new year approaches, and supporters are excited about the possibility of seeing James and Bellingham start for the Blues.

Rafael Leao, another player Chelsea is interested in signing, responded to the tweet by writing: “Lets gooooo,” along with a handshake and prayer emoji. Leao and James had previously communicated on social media, and it is clear that they appreciate one another greatly.


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