Mateu Lahoz took charge of UCL final match Chelsea against Manchester City. Lahoz experience in the job spoke for him.

However, Lahoz was hailed for his incredible performance in the game in Porto, and just after he blew his final whistle, he was emotional and let out a tear.

However, he was praised for his impressive performance in the game. After he blew his final, an emotional scene occurred seen the referee letting out tears.

Lahoz finally revealed that he didn’t expect he’d officiate a Champions League final, which is usually a rare occasion reserved only for the best.

What he said:

“Honestly, I never really imagined that, one day, I would referee a Champions League final,” the Spaniard told UEFA before the final.

“Refereeing is happiness for me, and I think the key to being a referee is to always be yourself. When you referee a match, you’re taking charge of many different personalities. You’re part of the game.”

The reports revealed that Lahoz is retiring at the end of this summer’s Euro Championship. However’ he promised to pass on his knowledge to the young referees.

“I like to teach, and like to learn,”

“It’s good to pass on the experience that you’ve gained to younger referees. I like helping my colleagues in this way.”

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