Chelsea defender Thiago Silva was let go by the Ligue 1 side last year and has acknowledged that he has been left hurt by the call to bring in the Spain star.

However, the Brazilian has admitted that Paris Saint-Germain’s decision to sign Sergio Ramos has left him “truly sad,” after he was not offered a similar deal despite the duo being close in age.

Former Real Madrid captain Ramos is one of a number of high-profile signings at Parc des Princes this summer, as the Ligue 1 side look to cement their hopes of a successful European challenge.

Yet Silva, who is entering his second year at Chelsea following his PSG exit last term, has admitted that while has no issue with Ramos, the club’s call to sign the Spain star rankles given his own long service – and sharp release – from the French side.

“I have nothing against Sergio Ramos, but Sergio, at the time at which they offered him a two-year contract, was the same age as me last year,” the 36-year-old told ESPN Brazil.

“So that made me truly sad. I have not yet spoken about it with anyone, because it made me really sad because I felt like I had done nothing for the club.

“My departure is a page that has certainly been turned, but at the same time I think a lot, I reflect a lot on everything that has happened. I think that something else could have been done.

“Because it was not eight days, or eight months that I spent with PSG. It was eight years with lots of victories, lots of work to be able to change, and put PSG at the level that it is at today.

“I want PSG to win, because the club deserves all the respect. But, in light of the way that things played out, I have this feeling of sadness and I feel that it could have been done differently.”

However, Thiago Sillva signed for west London club last season and has won the EUFA Champions League and Super Cup honours… A lifetime dream for many football players and clubs.

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The Brazilian who is still yet to feature in a match for the Blues has a contract until 2022 summer.

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