A Playboy model is trying to raise money for a professional football team by utilizing her OnlyFans website.

Daniella Chavez is in a frantic bid to buy O’Higgins F.C., her favorite team in Chile.
The team, which plays in the highest division in the nation, is headquartered in Rancagua, the model’s hometown, which is close to Santiago.

According to the news source, vice the squad costs $20 million.

She has reportedly earned $8 million on OnlyFans in a short period of time, according to her Twitter account.

She has released screenshots of her OnlyFans earnings, and they show that she makes a sizable sum of money.

If she does inherit the throne one day, she is not messing around and appears to have high hopes for O’Higgins F.C.

Chavez stated to ADN, a radio station in Chile: “I think that with the help of my management staff, we can improve things and go back to Rancagua as a successful squad with goals.

“not taking part merely to be present. A winning squad that battles for everything is what I desire.

She describes herself as a devoted O’Higgins supporter and says she wants to assist the team reach greater heights.

After a member of the ownership group said there were no intentions to “sit down to talk with her” Chavez’s fundraising effort, the club was obliged to publish a statement about it.

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O’Higgins was accused of sexism by Chavez, who also said that people didn’t like her because she was a woman and had a different method of gathering money.

In response to the uproar, the O’Higgins board said (from Spanish): “We want to make it clear that press reports appearing in digital media that claim—citing unnamed sources—that the Abumohor family forbids the sale of the club to a specific individual are false and do not reflect their beliefs.

“The club has already acknowledged that it is open to incorporating new actors or investors to support the expansion of the institution, but these suggestions must be properly given to the leadership that oversees the club.