Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham insisted that his goal against Arsenal was not a fluke but rather the result of what they have been working on in pre-season so far.

It happened again. Abraham scored the winner and Chelsea secured a 2-1 win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, just like in December 2019.

It is only in a pre-season game this time, and some would argue that the build-up to the goal was not as beautiful.

While a goal from a defensive error is certainly nothing special, Abraham highlighted how the hard work they had done in the training ground created it in the first place.

Although, to be fair, having N’Golo Kante on the pitch certainly helped a lot.

I love coming here, and even though it’s a friendly, I always love scoring goals,” the striker told Chelsea TV.

Luckily for me, it was the winning goal again.

“We’ve been working on our pressing, whole pre-season, and it paid off today for the second goal.”

You could imagine how hard they have trained based on Abraham’s admission. Bear in mind, he only played 45 minutes.

Absolutely tired — shattered,” he admitted when asked about how he felt after the game.

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“The boys have been working hard in training, and it’s for the best.

“We’re all ready for the season, and we’ll take our time and we still have a couple more sessions to come and players coming back.”