Wembley Stadium held its first final of the European Cup (Champions League) Benfica v AC Milan encounter.

Benfica failed to make it three European Cups win in a row with AC Milan beating them 2-1 at Wembley. And AC Milan became the first Italian side to lift the European Cup trophy.

The Wembley Stadium originally known as the Empire Stadium was a stadium in Wembley, London. It was demolished between 2002 and 2003.

Wembley stadium is the home ground of England’s national football team, owned by the English football body, the Football Association__the FA.

Located in Wembley, London, built as a replacement for a former structure of the same name in the same location with 90,000 capacity. It is the second-largest stadium in Europe falling behind Camp Nou, Spain with 99,354 seats__the largest.

As the venue for the biggest national and international games in English football, Wembley stadium has a massive range of hospitality spaces that allow about 10,000 people to dine before a match.

Wembley is known as one of the most loved football stadium in the world.

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