Olivier Giroud finally looks set to be joining AC Milan any day now, and not only will he be missed by Chelsea when he does leave, he will leave his own legacy firmly imprinted at Stamford Bridge.

In football you always get the unsung heroes, the players who quietly go about their business, are perhaps never mentioned as a super star or a world class player, but the jobs they do for their clubs are arguably just as important as any other player. and despite largely being a bit-part player during his Chelsea career, Giroud absolutely fits the bill of the unsung hero.

Seemingly, Giroud may now become their unsung hero and help win them some major trophies just as he did for Chelsea.

For sure, Chelsea FC fans and players will miss him a lot when goes, not just on the pitch but around the training ground, his experience for the younger players, and his attitude has been one of the best, he is an absolute role model for any young pro’s.

Olivier Giroud has never been seen him complaining when he is not picked, or push for a transfer away from the club. He kept battling on and did a job whenever he was called up, a true model professional.

If you wanted to make a highlights reel of the important goals and moments Giroud has had in a Chelsea shirt, it would be a very long video.

His winner in the Europa League final a couple of season back was iconic, he scored four against Sevilla and as well scored a shocker against Atletico Madrid in the 2020/21 Champions League campaign which Chelsea finally emerged as the winners.

However, Giroud would never have become a regular starter at Chelsea, and perhaps that has always been the correct decision, but it is believe when he leaves it will be a case of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

When this transfer is confirmed, best of luck Oli and thanks for the memories.

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