OFFICIAL Jürgen Klopp Has Been Nominated To Receive The Freedom Of the City Of Liverpool

LIVERPOOL's manager is being put forward to claim the city’s highest civic honour in recognition of his achievements with the club.

The Reds manager is being nominated for the highest municipal honour in the city.

In recognition of his contributions to the club’s accomplishments since joining the city in 2015

A special meeting of the Liverpool City Council will be held next week to discuss the proposal to grant the German the Freedom of Liverpool.


In response, Klopp stated:

“I have to be honest, when I first heard this news I had to take a minute to take it in.


“As you can imagine, I get a lot of different types of news in my job but this was definitely a ‘wow’ moment.

“The main reason for this was what Liverpool, the city and its wonderful people mean to me and my family. The welcome that we have been given has been unbelievable from the word go, so to get this kind of recognition is incredible. It is also very humbling.

“Obviously, I am not from Liverpool so there will be countless people who know more about the history than I do, but I actually already knew a little bit about this award. This was because earlier this year it was granted to Andrew Devine, someone who we all had an enormous amount of love for, along with the other 96 victims of Hillsborough.


“I also know that Sir Kenny Dalglish has received the Freedom of the City previously so if my name is listed alongside those and all of the other recipients that makes the honour even more special.

“So to everyone who made this possible – thank you. You have made my family and myself so, so proud to know that the bond we have with this wonderful city has been made even stronger and will now stay forever.”


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