The shirt number can be one of the most iconic symbols of any footballer, and the Chelsea midfielder explains why the No.29 shirt is very special to himself.

Kai Havertz had a special reason to choose the No.29 shirt at Chelsea

Shirt numbers were brought into football in 1928, to make the indication of positions easier.

They have evolved to become iconic symbols of football legends past and present, and the mere sight of the digits on the shirt can are enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

However, for Chelsea’s Champions League winner Kai Havertz, his number is particularly special.

Kai Havertz scored the decisive goal as Chelsea defeated Manchester City / DAVID RAMOS/Getty Images

Whilst the No.29 is not a common number for star players and club record signings, Havertz explained why it has special meaning in an interview with The Athletic.

When I was young I always used to play FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer with my brother,” he said.

“We always made ourselves in the game. My brother always put No 29 on his shirt.

Havertz banished his Chelsea struggles by scoring the goal which won the Champions League for The Blues

“When I came to the professional game and Leverkusen asked me what number I wanted to have, I asked them which numbers were free. When they said 29, I said I’d take it because of my brother.

“Sometimes it’s lucky for me, sometimes not, but I like the number and now I think everybody knows me for it.”

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