Chelsea’s Mason Mount became visibly heartbroken at the end of the Euros final last night after missing out on the title on penalties.

Italy saw it over the line right at the death and became the European Champions.

The 22-year-old Chelsea midfielder was taken off by Southgate late on, and he would have probably fancied himself to score a penalty if given the chance.

But you could see how badly he wanted the winners medal, after taking the runner up medal off as soon as he was handed it.

He was then seen walking down the tunnel with he medal in his hand.

Great mentality to be honest, not settling for second best.

Speaking after England’s defeat, captain Harry Kane said: ‘The boys couldn’t have given more.

‘Penalties are the worst thing in the world when you lose them. It’s been a fantastic tournament, we should be proud and hold our heads up high, but it’s going to hurt now.

‘It’s going to hurt for a while, but we’re on the right track and we’re building. Hopefully we can progress next year.

‘We played against a very good side and got off to the perfect start. We maybe dropped a little bit too deep, sometimes when you score that early, it’s easy to soak up the pressure and hold onto that. They had a lot of the ball, but we looked fairly in control.

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‘We didn’t create too many chances, they got the breakthrough from a set piece and after that, it was probably 50/50. We had a few half chances in extra time and then penalties are penalties. We went through our process and the boys did everything they could, but it just wasn’t our night.

‘Anyone can miss a penalty. We win together, we lose together and we’ll grow from it. It will give us more motivation to do well in the World Cup next year.’

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