• Leeds and Chelsea look set to renew their fiery rivalry in the Premier League  
  • The sides have not met since 2012, when the Blues won 5-1 in the League Cup
  • Despite the absence of league fixtures for 16 years the feud still endures
  • Born out of their meetings in the 1960s, the conflict came to a head in 1970
  • An FA Cup final between the pair went to a replay, which Chelsea won 2-1
  • However, it was the violence on the pitch that set in stone their differences
The rivalry between Chelsea and Leeds was embodied by the vicious 1970 FA Cup final

Rivalries do tend to be geographic. In football, the thought of sharing the same city with another group of fans is often too much to bear.

Sometimes, though, the hatred runs deeper than that felt for your noisy neighbours. Sometimes it is about ideologies. Sometimes, it becomes personal. That is how the rivalry between Leeds and Chelsea, two sides separated by over 200 miles, began.

For a country where the division between the North and the South appear to be rearing its head again, the footballing rivalry that embodies it is also making a comeback.