Banco Santander will no longer be the competition's principal sponsor, but it will remain connected with LaLiga. In the coming weeks, LaLiga will make significant new announcements for the 2023/24 season and beyond.

LaLiga and Banco Santander have announced by mutual agreement to terminate the current sponsorship contract that the bank has had with the competition since the 2016/2017 season. The change, which will take effect from the 2023/2024 campaign onwards, is the result of a joint decision by both organisations to explore new ways of collaboration, both together and with third parties. LaLiga will announce new developments regarding the competition’s naming rights from the 2023/24 season onwards in the coming weeks.

During these six seasons of collaboration, the relationship between LaLiga and Banco Santander has transcended mere official sponsorship of the competition. It has been a period of close collaboration between the two institutions, with strong understanding and rapport that has fomented the promotion of successful joint projects such as LaLiga Promises (U12 football) in addition to main sponsorship of the LaLiga competition.

LaLiga and Banco Santander have mutually agreed to end their existing sponsorship relationship, which the bank has enjoyed with the competition since the 2016/2017 season

The shift, which will be implemented beginning with the 2023/2024 campaign, is the result of a collaborative decision by both organizations to explore new avenues of collaboration, both internally and with third parties. In the next weeks, LaLiga will make an announcement on the competition’s name rights beginning with the 2023/24 season.

The relationship between LaLiga and Banco Santander has evolved over the course of their six-season partnership. It now goes beyond simple official sponsorship of the competition. The two organizations have worked closely together over a long period of time, and their mutual respect and understanding have fueled the promotion of fruitful cooperative initiatives like LaLiga Promises (U12 football), in addition to serving as the competition’s primary sponsor.

LaLiga Genuine Santander, a competition for players with learning difficulties, is arguably one of the most memorable products of this relationship. So much so that Banco Santander, which has been a driving force behind this initiative since its inception in the 2017/2018 season, and LaLiga are collaborating on a model to continue sponsoring this competition, making LaLiga the first professional football league in the world to have a competition for footballers with learning disabilities.

“We thank you for the trust you have placed in LaLiga over the years, and we are convinced that we will continue to collaborate on future projects with Banco Santander in order to grow and promote both brands.”

Antonio Simões, Regional Head of Europe and CEO of Santander Spain, added: “We are delighted with our partnership with LaLiga over the years and are keen to explore further avenues of collaboration.”

During the six seasons of collaboration, both organizations have developed a close and fruitful relationship, with great achievements that go beyond just advertising presence, involving strategic national and international development projects, in digital environments, and at an observable level for football fans.

It is worth mentioning initiatives such as the LaLiga Global Network, which enabled LaLiga, in collaboration with Banco Santander and Universia, to take the decisive step in its internationalisation with the creation of the network of LaLiga Global Network delegates, which now has 44 professionals present in 41 markets worldwide.

In terms of entertainment and digital development, Banco Santander has been a big supporter of eLaLiga, LaLiga’s eSports tournament, as well as the Santander Football Quiz, an application jointly designed to entertain, test, and reward LaLiga Santander fans week after week. These ventures enabled the bank and LaLiga to connect with a broader community as well as a younger audience, both of which were critical to their business aims.

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The 2022 – 2023 season will mark the end of their partnership as the competition’s primary sponsor, and both organizations have reaffirmed their resolve to carry on in the same vein and with the same fervor to maximize the sponsorship’s advantages and help further their shared growth goals.

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