Kovacic who just recovered from hamstring injury could have his first Champions League start on Saturday 29th, May 2021 having played Leicester City and Aston Villa.

Kovacic On Facing Manchester City On Saturday:

“There is no fear because we love to play football. It is a massive game and we want to play it. There is pressure because we play against a big team. It is a tough game like it always is, more or less, in the Premier League and Champions League.

“We saw it yesterday against Villa so it will not be an easy game. City is a great team that have had a great season, so they will be really confident but we will be the same on Saturday as well.”

Kovacic On Whether He Talks About Winning UCL With Real Madrid At Chelsea Dressing Room:

“I had luck too. I had the luck to play for a great club like Real Madrid. I won it and I am happy about that. No, the players don’t ask about it because every week is a big game for us it doesn’t change too much. There is always another great game that we try to win. We are trying to do great things this year and tomorrow we want to show that we are a great team and pass this stage if possible.”

Kovacic On Chelsea Team Under Tuchel:

“I think the team changed, like how we approach the games, we were more confident and solid at the back. We didn’t concede hardly anything in the last months since he came so we have been quite solid.

“We were playing with confidence so I think he changed a lot. I think this team will only get better in my opinion.”