Tuchel confirms that Kante and Mendy are expected to join the squad in training on Wednesday.

Tuchel on Mendy’s injury: “With Edou, the update is that we still have hope that he will join in with training on Wednesday with the group.

“He made a huge improvement with the management of pain from when the injury happened, which is good but of course we will need a further update on Wednesday.

We hope to have him back. “If he is fit, then Edou will play. We will give him plenty of chance to prove his fitness on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The race is on.

“If he cannot play, we will of course be sensible and not take the risk but we also know that we have strong competition from the guys behind and Kepa will take his place if he is not fit.”

Tuchel on Kante’s injury: “The situation has not changed with N’Golo in the sense we are still waiting, but it is looking good that he will return to training on Wednesday.

“I feel like maybe my tactic with him will change, and I will just put him into training on Wednesday! He is looking good and I hope he stays like that for Saturday. We will know more on Wednesday.