With the win over Chelsea, Manchester United earned a spot in the Champions League, leaving Liverpool FC out.

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iverpool FC Manager Jurgen Klopp reacts to Manchester United qualifying for the UCL coming season

When Liverpool FC drew with Aston Villa last weekend, Jurgen Klopp conceded that his team would not be playing in the Champions League. At the same time, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth and earned critical three points.

Although Erik ten Hag‘s team was thought to be guaranteed for a top-four finish in January, a string of poor performances gave Liverpoo FCl confidence of reducing the gap, and they were able to gain momentum.
Liverpool FC was only one point behind Aston Villa before last weekend, but they could only draw with them at home.

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In his last media conference of the season, Klopp stated that Casemiro’s well-taken goal against Bournemouth was the moment he realized Liverpool FC had lost the race, even if it wasn’t yet official.

“It’s a fact we don’t have Champions League, even I knew after [the Aston Villa] game, clear,” Klopp said. “I drew a line underneath it. I am optimistic but in that moment I couldn’t see it.

“We’ve known for a long time it would not be a historic season. Since Dubai after the World Cup, the amount of points we’ve got since then was pretty good. If we could do that all season it would be a good one.

“This is not the season we wanted. I really think this is not a season we will talk about and we have failed to give the people more to enjoy, but we have given moments. The big disappointment is this little thing [the Europa League], which is obviously a big one.

“It would have been a normal season if we finished fourth. Not great, but qualified. Sometimes you have to accept it. I’ve been here seven-and-a-half years, things are not always forward steps and sometimes there are dips.

“It’s good I’m here this long but you have to reinvent yourself.”

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