Class recognizes class.

Atletico Madrid boss, Diego Simeone was full of praises for Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel during a recent interview.

Indeed Thomas Tuchel’s arrival did usher in a different kind of game thought and pattern with the young boys now becoming a lot more stronger than the former Chelsea teams.

Tuchel arrived in January and helped Chelsea to a top 4 finish in the English Premier League, an FA Cup final appearance and a UEFA Champions League trophy, the club’s second title in the competition. Chelsea defeated Atletico Madrid, FC Porto, Real Madrid and Manchester City on their way to the title triumph.

Tuchel stunned the world by leading them to UCL victory in a dominating way. Thrashing out most of their opponents while still dominating the possessions.

This is something that had been done by former Chelsea manager who also did inherit the club halfway back in 2012 but the difference is that Chelsea back then was the underdog.

Chelsea served teams with undesired games as Tuchel did actually began fulfilling his promise of building a team no one wants to play against.

Simeone admitted recently that of a truth his game against Tuchel wasn’t as he had planned. According to the manager, most of the things he saw as opportunities were simply traps that create a loophole in his team.

“We understood their superiority from positional play,” Diego Simeone said.

“There were always people in space. I loved it, they are a team with versatility. It was demonstrated against City. They beat Madrid as they beat us. Tuchel has done an enormous job.

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“Is Tuchel’s Chelsea defensive or offensive? They defend well and tempt you with the ball to attack. We thought they were a simple team, one we had already seen. They were better.

“The 2nd game they were at a different pace, they tempted you to generate space. We really liked it.”

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