Chelsea’s die need of a new striker is a saga that is expected to go on for a little while longer yet, and expect big changes all the way through.

A week ago,Romelu Lukaku made a statement that he will be staying at Inter Milan despite Antonio Conte’s absence.

As a person, I always took those words with a pinch of salt – he was on a live broadcast and couldn’t really say anything else.His presence or absence remains to be seen, but the utterances of the club president Steve Zhang recently will definitely give Chelsea a big boost if they are still planning to make an offer for Lukaku.

The Daily Mirror stated his words, and they also say that with Chelsea interested, Lukaku could be one of the players to be sold by Inter this summer off the back of financial issues over the pandemic.

Inter President:

“We were greatly affected Last summer by the pandemic especially our revenues but kept him [Conte], focusing on the season convinced that we could win,” he said.

“It was appropriate for Conte to leave,however the bill brought by the pandemic is such that we cannot fold our arms and not review the situation by looking for savings that lead to a future budget balance.

“Minimizing costs and controlling risks is the goal. This obviously also influences the transfer market strategy. Our different views on the situation led to the separation.”