The new manager has never before been to a Champions League game. His Chelsea debut will serve as his first appearance in the Champions League.

Graham Potter admitted that, prior to taking over as Chelsea FC’s manager for the first time, he had never attended a Champions League game.

Potter will make his Chelsea debut against RB Salzburg at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

And the 47-year-old admitted until now, his only exposure to Europe’s top-tier club competition has been through television coverage.

Asked if he had even attended a Champions League match before, Potter replied: “Off the top of my head, I don’t think I have. But it’s a good time for me to get into the dugout.

“My experiences in the Champions League are just at supporter level. But obviously I’ve experienced the Europa League with Ostersund, winning at Galatasaray and getting through the group stage…”

Potter described his move from Brighton to Chelsea last week as a “whirlwind,” as the English coach took over for Thomas Tuchel at Stamford Bridge.

After a 100-day review, new Chelsea owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali chose to fire Tuchel, handing Potter a five-year contract and unwavering long-term support.

Chelsea fired Tuchel last Wednesday, the morning after a humiliating 1-0 Champions League loss to Dinamo Zagreb.

Potter was named Chelsea manager on Thursday afternoon, but his appointment was overshadowed by The Queen’s death.

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Graham Potter’s first Chelsea press conference:

“My main job is to help the guys here, to put a team on the pitch that the fans are proud of,” He explained.

On injuries:
“Edou Mendy will miss the game against Salzburg, so will Kante. Everyone else is fine.”

On joining Chelsea:
“You have to look at the football club, tradition, size and quality of the club to compete at the top of the Premier League. It is a completely different challenge from what I had, even though I had three fantastic years at Brighton. I’m very, very excited and really looking forward to getting going.”

On his debut in the UCL:
“This is an amazing evening for us, for all of us, we are super excited. At the same time, we have been preparing a team and getting to know the players. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

on the new owners:
“I had good, intense conversations with the owners who are good and intelligent people with good ideas about how they will take the club forward. It’s been a whirlwind getting to know people, leaving Brighton, and learning about the new players. First impressions are really good. Looking forward to starting.”

On the squad:
“The response has been positive. It is a really honest and responsible group. They have been positive around the training ground. I am really happy with the group and the squad.”

On not playing again until October after Salzburg:
“That’s part of the schedule. It is what it is.”

Message to fans:
“I can promise I’ll do my very, very best every day, take responsibility. I want a balance between attack and defence and a humble team that fights when we don’t have the ball.”

On Kyle Macaulay:
“Kyle is really important in terms of recruitment. Conversations between ownership and the board can be had via him, and as you can imagine, those conversations are time-consuming, so he’s really important for me.”

On Chelsea ownership:
“It’s not fair on the new and old regime to compare. The previous owners had a fantastic success. Our job is to create our own history and path. I got a nice feeling for the new owners on a human level.”

On mixing stars and youngsters:
“I approach it as I approach every job. Treat them with respect, getting to know them. Communicate clearly as possible, and build relationships. People have egos, different things. That’s the fascinating thing.”

On what is a success this season:
“All my thoughts are on tomorrow night. We need to compete here. I have respect for the Premier League, UCL, and all competitions we are in. We are Chelsea. It’s about connecting with supporters, them recognising the team, and working at Cobham. Success is to see improvement and be competing to win.”

Popular German manager Tuchel’s departure was motivated more by Chelsea’s new owners’ desire to change their overall strategy than by performance

Boehly and Eghbali are optimistic about working with Potter in the long run, and they are said to admire his man-management and people skills.