Potter left Brighton for Chelsea to replace Thomas Tuchel last week

New Chelsea boss Graham Potter insisted the club’s vision convinced him to join.

After leaving Brighton, the 47-year-old replaced Thomas Tuchel last week.

He signed a five-year contract at Stamford Bridge and admitted that the new owners, led by chairman Todd Boehly, convinced him it was the right decision.

β€œIt’s the start of a really exciting period, I think,” he told the club’s official site. β€œNew ownership, who I was really, really excited

with and impressed by, firstly as people and then their vision for the club and what they wanted to do.

β€œOf course, the history of the club speaks for itself, but it’s about trying to create that again in our own way.”

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πŸ”΅ In Potter Chelsea owners see a fuller package. β€œHe has all the IQ but he also has the EQ,” is Boehly’s verdict on Potter β€” EQ being emotional intelligence. 

[Jonathan Northcroft, The Times]

After Saturday’s trip to Fulham was postponed due to the Queen’s passing, Potter joins Chelsea, which is sixth in the Premier League, and will play his first match on Wednesday when Red Bull Salzburg visit.

From Brighton to Chelsea 🀝 (via CFC)

β€œYou can create a team where the players enjoy playing, which can transmit to the supporters. Ultimately the most important connection at a club is between the team and supporters,” he said.

β€œWe like to play in an attacking way, a balanced way, and players have to feel free to make decisions and express themselves.

β€œIt’s about winning, creating a team which competes, is honest and works together, it’s a combination between football and human values.

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β€œYou have to understand they are human beings first, the key thing is to understand them, what motivates them and what they are like as people.

β€œFrom that come to some common ground and build relationships, communicate on a daily basis, build respect, trust and honesty, my starting point must always be the person first.”

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