The Telegraph have a really interesting interview with Frank Lampard, perhaps the first time he’s spoken in depth since he was sacked at Chelsea.

The former boss admits the sacking hurt his pride, and that he wanted to win trophies, but insists that it was an “amazing experience” being in charge of the Blues.

“I come away with an overall feeling of pride in what I did in the job. I wanted to stay longer, I wanted real tangible success which, at Chelsea, is winning cups and winning leagues, but it didn’t happen,” Lampard explained.

“Hopefully, from where I took over the job, I’ve laid down strong foundations for the future and in the context of where I wanted my managerial career to go, it was an amazing experience.”

There can be no doubt that those foundations are in place now. The young players he brought through, the way he took the club from a tricky situation and lead them into the Champions League, setting them up for a bright future under Thomas Tuchel.

We’re sure we’ll see Frank in the manager’s chair again one day.