Guus Hiddink, a former Chelsea manager, argues the Blues should consider making Frank Lampard’s interim agreement permanent.

Chelsea Online News:
Frank Lampard returns to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea’s Caretaker Manager until the end of the season.

Guus Hiddink believes the Blues should be considering sticking with Frank Lampard as permanent Chelsea F.C. manager.

The Premier League‘s giants decided to break ways with Graham Potter, but have temporarily welcomed back a club veteran to familiar surroundings at Stamford Bridge.

In response to an SOS, Frank Lampard has committed to see things through until the end of the 2022–23 season. A little more than two years after his own managerial tenure came to an end, Guus Hiddink is back in west London. Hiddink believes Frank Lampard could be the greatest candidate to lead the club ahead because Luis Enrique and Julian Nagelsmann have no personal connections to the team.

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Guus Hiddink, who served as Chelsea’s caretaker for two terms and guided the team to FA Cup victory in 2009, commented on [Frank] Lampard’s return to the Bridge in an interview with The Telegraph.

Frank Lampard took in 84 matches in charge of Chelsea FC between the summer of 2019 and January 2021.

“Honestly, I would like him to be considered not just as an interim coach. But also to be given the confidence to continue with the project next season. He knows the club like nobody else and it’s important to give continuity to things. Like anyone, [Frank] Lampard is going to need time.

Chelsea have invested a lot of money but now need to adapt to an idea. I’m very fond of him, I hope he will get Chelsea out of this predicament and get them back to where they deserve to be.”

Between the summer of 2019 and January 2021, Frank Lampard managed Chelsea for 84 games, winning 44 of them. He then decided to step down and hand the reins over to Thomas Tuchel, who led the Blues to a Champions League victory in less than six months.