Football Scholarship: Athletic Scholarships for Footballers and Financial Aid

Athletic scholarship is a kind of merit award for students who excel at their sport. In 2018 to 2021, UK and U.S. football academy with varsity athletic programs awarded almost $4.1 billion in athletic scholarships.

The aim of athletic scholarships is to offset the costs of a college degree. They also help schools recruit talent for their sports teams.

Because each division sets rules about athletic department funding, award amounts vary. Some are full tuition awards while others may provide partial financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.


  1. Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
  2. The New York Ramblers Scholarship for Football Athletes
  3. Craig M. Epstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
  4. Triple Impact Academy Competitor Scholarship
  5. Leicester Academy Scholarship
  6. Aston Vila Academy Scholarship
  7. Sean Callahan Academy Scholarship Fund
  8. Coach Wade Pittsford Scholarship
  9. Big Sun Stars Scholarship
  10. West broom Academy Scholarship


The key to being successful in your search for athletic scholarships is to meticulously research your options and look for the right opportunities. Some points to consider as you begin your search:

Sports Scholarship Eligibility Checklist

  1. Figure out Which Division Sport You Want to Play: To do this, some football athletes use the recruitment services of an agency. Using this type of service may be a useful way to understand what skills you have. And, which division level lines up with your sports talent.
  2. Make Sure Your Eligibility is in Order: To be eligible to play your sport in Academy, you must meet some criteria. Once you know the division you want to join, you must register. Meeting their standards could help show coaches you are ready to play. But you may still have to impress them with your skill and meet their selection criteria.
  3. Research the Academy in Your Chosen Division: Once you have a clearer idea of these skills, the next step is to research Academy. Create a list of about 10 listed for you want to apply to. You may want to sort them by location, academics, athletics.
  4. Put an Athletic Resume Together: As you do this, you could also gather a list of the coaches’ names and emails. Compile a standout athletic resume about your performance stats, awards, academic transcripts, and ACT/SAT scores. You may also do a video to showcase your skills so the coach can evaluate you.
  5. Make Contact with Coaches: Instead of sending a mass email, you might consider using a video approach. You could could write a captivating subject line. Put your name, position, grade level and a key stat. Then tell each coach what draws you to their Academy.
  6. See What Scholarship Offers You Might Qualify For: Making it through the recruiting funnel may yield results. If so, you may get an offer of financial aid. Some Academy may lack the budget to offer a huge athletic scholarship. To make up the difference, they might offer merit scholarships.

Method of Application:

You may also want to write about and drafting a sports CV, bio, or resume that includes your athletic accomplishments and recording videos of your performance in games/events. Send letters of reference from your coaches and other mentors to help them express how they view your potential to succeed and represent the institution with a sports or athletic scholarship.

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