FIFA World Cup is anticipated to begin one day earlier than planned as Qatar's game progresses.

A day will be added to the beginning of the FIFA World Cup, allowing Qatar to play Ecuador in the opening game and upholding the custom of the host nation competing in the curtain-raiser.

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Originally set to start on Monday, November 21, with Senegal taking on the Netherlands, the competition will instead kick off on Sunday, November 20, with Qatar taking on Ecuador.

The FIFA World Cup’s first game is anticipated to be between Qatar and Ecuador.

The decision, which would have the first game start at 9 p.m. local time, is being seriously considered by FIFA. The news was first reported by the Argentine newspaper Diario Olé.

The action would have no impact on player release dates.

The FIFA Council Bureau must yet accept the agreement, but it is anticipated that they will do so, making the new World Cup dates of November 20 to December 18 effective.

Insidethegames is aware that a feasibility analysis about the suggested date adjustment has been conducted and that it was approved by the four teams whose matches would be shifted.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the heads of the six continental confederations make up the Bureau.

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Since Germany in 2006, the FIFA World Cup has had an opening match featuring the host nation.

When approached by insidethegames, FIFA declined to comment at this time.

Qatar 2022 will be the first FIFA World Cup held in the northern hemisphere’s winter.

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When Qatar bid for the tournament, organizers stated that stadiums would have air conditioning, allowing games to be played in the summer, but after Qatar won the rights, FIFA rescheduled the World Cup to November and December.