Photo: NEIL HALL/AFP via Getty Images

Chelsea’s £22m goalkeeper signing from Rennes, Edouard Mendy, has done a good job so far in the Chelsea goal.

Mendy has been involved in 21 games for Chelsea so far since joining the club, and has kept a clean sheet in 11 of those games. This is indeed a good record for the 28-year-old goalkeeper in his first season in the Premier League.

However, the Chelsea defence have been leaking in goals of late, as the Blues defence have become a cause for concern yet again.

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has been impressed with Mendy so far, and has rated him a B+, judging from the games he has been involved in.

“I think so far you have to say he’s like a B+ at the moment, maybe an A-. I think he’s done enough to warrant being the number one at the moment,” Schwarzer said.

“I think over the course of the season we’ll get a better understanding of it.

“What I do like about him, I like the fact he does like to come off his line, he does like to dominate his 18-yard box, which you see few and far between in the Premier League these days.”