Thomas Tuchel, the manager of Chelsea, has acknowledged that Conor Gallagher was to blame for his red card against Leicester City.

Raheem Sterling scored twice to lead the Blues to a 2-1 victory, but things might have turned out very differently for Chelsea.

After receiving two yellow cards in the first half, Gallagher was ejected, and the referee had no option but to do so.

Sterling saved Gallagher’s face by keeping the score even at halftime.

The 27-year-old picked up the pace in the second half, giving his team the lead shortly after the break.

Sterling added a second goal later in the game by converting a Reece James cross after Sterling’s effort was deflected and looped over Danny Ward to give Chelsea the lead.

With 10 men on the field, Harvey Barnes offered the Foxes a chance to recover, but Chelsea held on to win all three points.

Walking off the field, Gallagher was furious and obviously dejected by his ejection.

Now that Gallagher has been instructed to accept responsibility for the error, his boss Tuchel has acknowledged that it was not entirely his fault.

Tuchel said in a press interview, as reported by Adam Newson: “He must take responsibility for his actions today.

“He is aware that that was a grave error, of course. After the game, we had a quick conversation on how such things may occur.

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Because it’s a set-piece for us, and because of how we now handle set-pieces, it’s not only his responsibility.

We now don’t take set pieces well enough, and on top of that, we waste opportunities. We make poor coverage decisions and sloppy coverage decisions for set pieces.

“We need to stop doing this right away and get better. The team and I are working on it, and I have no idea why it happened again.

“At the conclusion of this chain comes a choice that, after 25 minutes, results in such a significant disadvantage. Conor made a terrible choice, therefore it seems sense that he is sad. Everyone was agitated at this point since the football game was almost lost.

In an effort to gain momentum early in the Premier League season, Chelsea travels to Southampton.