Christian Pulisic said he might be able to beat Chelsea teammate Tammy Abraham in a very short-distance race, but not in a race beyond 30 metres.

The two sat down and answered a few fan questions, likely in between or after their pre-season training. Some of those questions were quite interesting.

As is often the case with fan-question interviews, it eventually popped up — Who is faster?

Abraham was first to answer. “You know what? I’ll be honest,” he told Chelsea TV, while suspiciously trying to keep a straight face.

“We’re both really fast.”

Pulisic responded — this time more seriously: “If you give me one to 30 metres, I think I can take him.

“After that, his big strides are probably going to pass me.”

“It’s going to be an even race,” Abraham added in disagreement, holding his laugh.

Pulisic also spoke about the good atmosphere in the squad and describing it as a good mix between young and experienced players.

“We definitely have a good family here,” the American said.

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Pulisic and Abraham themselves seem very close as well, as they showed off their handshake, albeit hesitantly at first.