Chelsea are on a pursue to sign Dortmund striker Erling Haaland this summer, that is what is trending right now.

And today, there has been an eagerly awaited interview with the forward come out via The Telegraph. who once again confirm Chelsea’s keen interest in signing the 20-year old Norwegian international.

His words about having a dream to win the Champions League will give Chelsea fans some confidence that he will pick Chelsea when the time comes, which they also hope will be this summer.

In fact, he doesn’t just have a dream to win the competition, it is a total obsession with the whole Champions League.

He plays the Champions League theme tune on a daily basis every morning.

And it will certainly not go unnoticed for anyone who the current Champions of Europe are, and the Chelsea project that is being built on even further after winning it, will surely be a real appeal to someone with Haaland’s current ambitions.

Haaland said:

“I have been having that [UCL them song on] for a couple of years now. You know, it’s a very good anthem!”

“For as long as I can remember, even when I was a really young kid, I was watching the Champions League,” he recalls. “There were great teams with huge legends scoring goals. So that became my dream. My dream was to play in the Champions League, to score in the Champions League. You know that is where the best players play and that’s where the best players belong.

“That’s my big dream, to win the Champions League one day. Hopefully I can lift that trophy and that really would be, well, amazing.

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“My career has already been going very fast but also at a speed that I like. It’s true that I am young but I am setting myself goals all the time and I will do everything I can to achieve them.”