Tuchel insists ‘NOBODY will trust the process’ if poor form continues – with axed German adamant the club is ‘about the results’

Graham Potter has been warned that if he cannot stop a decline in performance after back-to-back defeats, “nobody” at Chelsea will “trust the process.”

Thomas Tuchel, his predecessor in the dugout at Stamford Bridge, issued that word of caution because he knew better than most how ruthless it was operating in west London.

After losing to Arsenal in the league and then being eliminated by Manchester City in the Carabao Cup, Potter has already drawn more attention and criticism just a few months into his job. The ex-boss of Brighton made some controversial post-game remarks in which he

acknowledged that Arsenal were “superior” and claimed that Chelsea shown “courage” in taking on a “great team” like Man City.

Tuchel believes that Potter won’t be as supportive of his techniques if his frustration with Chelsea lasts longer than a “brief period.”

According to Tuchel, “My experience in Chelsea, Paris, Dortmund, and Mainz, it is about the results.”


‘You can overcome one loss, a short period… but it cannot be too long otherwise nobody trusts the process no more.’

The German, who is currently unemployed after being fired by new co-owner Todd Boehly earlier this season, was honest about how he handled the egos in the Chelsea locker room and why he felt it was important to set the bar high every day.

‘To worship the process on a daily process this is the most important,’ he added.

‘I try to be really strict and disciplined with the players, be on time, be friendly, be respectful, be ready, give your very best.’

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Chelsea has now lost three of their last four games, including defeats to Brighton and Arsenal in the league and a loss to City in the cup match at the Etihad. Alarm bells are now going off.

The honeymoon phase seems to be over for good, but Potter is rising to the occasion rather than avoiding it.

He stated earlier in the week that he could have simply signed a new deal, stayed at Brighton in the Premier League, and lived a wonderful, simple life.

‘You have to go through [disappointment]. There is discomfort and pain along the way.

‘If you want to do something new, in my mind, you have to fail. It’d be wrong of me to say anything else. There’s no shortcut to it in my experience.

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‘One of the reasons to come [to Chelsea] – there were many – is it’s a fantastic football club, potentially one of the best in the world that can compete for any major trophy.’

The fact that Tuchel was brutally fired in September 2022 after leading Chelsea to Champions League victory in 2021 will serve as a signal to Potter that disappointment is never allowed to fester for too long at Stamford Bridge.