The FA Cup final is another episode of a dramatic moment between both huge clubs which may not be far from controversy as it was in the Carabao Cup final back in February.

We hope the officials on the day will have their work cut out in other to keep the match flowing and actively in controll.

Chelsea have pushed hard until the very end. It’s another “Major Cup Final” and the Blues won’t settle for a draw (another penalty shootout). However, both teams look more than capable of grabbing a winner before extra time.

Looking at the Chelsea team at the moment it is easy to say “we already know what it is”. They used to be a very solid team, defending together. It’s also very disappointing, very frustrating because sometimes they have given goals away by themselves and put themselves in a difficult position.

Despite Romelu Lukaku’s first Premier League goals of 2022, the late collapse against Wolves made it eight dropped points in their last four home games and they are not even guaranteed a top-three finish.

Who would I start up front against Liverpool?

If I say Lukaku; he gets almost zero service from the midfield. If I say Havertz; he waste so much scoring chances like it is what he’s paid to do.

If I say Werner; well you all know the rest of the story. However, If I say none of them; well it’s just like having any of them up there.

Chelsea take on Liverpool in this year’s FA Cup final on Saturday 14th May.
The Blues lost to their FA Cup final opponents in the Carabao Cup final back in February.

A stunning match that went down to a penalty shootout, also came down to keeper Caiohim Kelleher being the hero.

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However, before the shootout, the game was overshadowed by controversy. Several disallowed goals and talking points had fans from both sides wondering why.

Liverpool versus Chelsea. It’s as classic as football itself. An exclusive sporting rivalry in the history of European football.

Chelsea have already won the Super Cup as well as the Club World Cup this season, but only lost the League Cup final to Liverpool.