Mason Mount’s classy gesture has made the headlines all over the country in these last few days, and he followed it up with another message to a young England fan ahead of the Euro 2020 final

You love to see it.

If it wasn’t enough for young Belle McNally to get given Mason Mount’s match worn England shirt after the semi-final victory against Denmark, the Chelsea star has gone one better.

After footage of the 10-year-old crying her eyes out after getting the shirt went viral on social media, the youngster and her father were interviewed by Sky Sports about the day.

Little did they know that there was another surprise in store for them.

England’s Mason Mount has recorded a special message for young England fan Belle. (Video: Sky Sports)

Chelsea and England midfielder Mason Mount has thanked a young Three Lions fan for their support, after he gifted her his shirt in the lap of appreciation which followed the Denmark win.

He quickly brushed past security and hopped the barrier to hand the young fan his match-worn England shirt, with a big smile on his face.

Belle then burst into happy tears after this surreal moment, and later described the “crazy moment”.

“I’m going to frame it. I don’t want to sell or wash it,” she said.

“I didn’t realise until the last moment because when he walked over, he was coming in my direction but he was looking the other way so I didn’t expect it.

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“When he came over and stood right in front of me, that’s when I finally realised I had it in my hands and it was just crazy.”

Her father Tommy revealed they had been trying to attract the Portsmouth-born player’s attention before the game had even kicked off.

“She’s small but very mouthy and was shouting ‘Mason Mount’ as he was warming up and she managed to catch his eye in the warm up and he saw her flag so luckily made an impression and was hoping after the game ended, maybe she’d catch his eye and be the lucky recipient of the shirt.

“The plan worked perfectly and to be honest we’re still in dreamland. It’s just been crazy.

“Since the game, we haven’t come down to earth.”

And Mount’s latest message to the duo certainly won’t help in bringing the whole family back down to earth.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning show, Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby showed the pair a special message that the England International sent into the show.

Mount said in the video message: “Hi Belle, it’s Mason here. I just wanted to do this message for you and say how special your reaction was after the game when I gave you my shirt.

Belle was left overwhelmed after the sweet message (Picture: ITV)

“Obviously we won the game and that was a big achievement, but that really topped it off for me.

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