Some big news coming at us this Wednesday morning that is bound to put a smile on every Chelsea fans face.

Thomas Tuchel has done a superb job since he arrived at the club in January and he is on the verge of achieving absolute greatness and perfection in his first few months at the club if he manages to lift the Champions League trophy, and even if he doesn’t, he has a great chance of winning the FA Cup and has been a real success regardless.

He was only bought in on an 18-month contract when he joined the club, so it is safe to say that after the success so far, Chelsea will be keen to get him tied down for longer.

Tuchel also seems to be fully enjoying himself at this club and really understanding what it is all about here.

Well, both are set to be rewarded with a new 3-year contract extension this summer, according to The Daily Mail.

There are clauses in his deal that entitle him to an extension if he hits targets, which he is more than on course for. Chelsea want to give him a new two-year deal with an option for a third.