Graham Potter has been named as Chelsea’s next head coach after the club fired Thomas Tuchel. After the team’s form declined, Tuchel was dismissed barely one month into the new season.

According to reports, the German coach didn’t get along with the new administration and also wasn’t communicating well with some of Chelsea’s players. He served as the Blues’ coach during the first half of the 2020–21 season, which saw them win the Champions League.

But Chelsea seems to have regressed lately, so even if his firing surprised some people, it wasn’t wholly unexpected. The new manager, Potter, established his credentials at Brighton & Hove Albion.

#1 Hakim Ziyech

Under Tuchel, Hakim Ziyech suffered. The appointment of the new manager can give the Moroccan player new life. This summer, he came very close to returning to Ajax. The 29-year-old has extraordinary technical talent.

Potter admires players with exceptional technique and intelligence. Ziyech has every reason to be thrilled about the managerial shift because he trained several of them at Brighton.

He will also start over, so he can leave all of his difficulties playing under Tuchel behind him and strive to accrue playing time before the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

#2 Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic, who joined from Borussia Dortmund in 2019, has only been able to make an impression on occasion. He is now only on the periphery of the Chelsea squad due to his ongoing injury problems and inconsistent play.

He had been dissatisfied at the club and was eager to arrange a Stamford Bridge exit in the summer. But the coming of Potter might provide him with new hope. In addition, Captain America will be eager to play in the FIFA World Cup of 2022.

He also possesses traits that might enable him to flourish under Potter. It appeared that Pulisic would have again another unsuccessful season, but with the new managerial arrangement, things may have changed.

#3 Conor Gallagher

Whether Conor Gallagher would have prospered under Tuchel is an open question. Under the German coach, he only made two starts, but none of them were encouraging. Gallagher gave a dismal showing in the Blues’ 3-0 defeat against Leeds United.

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He received a red card in the match against Leicester City and appeared to be a shell of the player who dominated the Premier League with Crystal Palace the previous season. But it’s important to remember that he was out of position under Tuchel.

Under Tuchel, Gallagher has played as a defensive midfielder even though his best position is at the position eight. Potter’s new system

#1 Marc Cucurella

This one is very self-evident. Marc Cucurella was acquired by Chelsea from Brighton for Β£62 million this summer. Who better than the coach who accomplished it last year could they trust to bring out the best in the Spaniard?

In the competition for a starting position at Chelsea, Potter may have an advantage over Ben Chilwell because of his likely deep admiration for Cucurella. He will probably find the system more enjoyable and it will make it easier for him to adjust to his new club.