Chelsea have a very good number of representatives in the Euros this summer and who is surprised? We are the Champions of Europe!

However, not all of our heroes have been able to get minutes on the pitch just yet, Ben Chilwell being one of those for England.

Another one, club captain Cesar Azpilicueta, has also been just a spectator for Spain so far.

But there is some good news on this, according to The Daily Mail, Azpilicueta is set to start for Spain tonight in their final group game.

Spain boss Luis Enrique is calling for more experience as per the report, and Azpilicueta absolutely brings you that after just lifting the Champions League trophy for his club at the end of a successful and gruelling season in the Premier  

European Cup-winning Chelsea skipper Azpilicueta should also come in to raise the experience-levels of Spain’s young side.

‘It’s not how it starts, it’s how it ends,’ Azpilicueta said on Monday after he was given the responsibility of facing reporters in the daily press conference.

He drew heavily on his experience with Chelsea last season. ‘The lesson is don’t give up when lots of people give you up for dead,’ he said.

‘That was the case with Chelsea. A lot of people gave up on us making the top four or going far in the Champions League. You have to keep going.’ 

This is a Spain team desperately short of leaders with Sergio Ramos left out of the squad because of injury and captain Busquets ruled out of those first two games.

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Spain play Slovakia tonight and they really need to get three points on the board to be able to progress in the competition.