Chelsea FC star Raheem Sterling has conceded that the squad is at a loss for words to express their present difficulties, but he has no regrets about moving to the west London.

Chelsea Online News:
Raheem Sterling has only scored four goals and two assists on in the Premier League this season

Raheem Sterling joined Chelsea FC as the first senior signing of the Todd Boehly-Clearlake Capital period in the summer, but he, like almost all of his colleagues, has fallen far short of expectations at Stamford Bridge this season.

Raheem Sterling has only scored four goals and two assists on an individual level in the Premier League this season, but Chelsea‘s struggles are so significant that he actually ranks second on both charts for the the west London club.

“Sometimes you have lows. I haven’t been in this situation in my career so far but I am more than up to the challenge,” he told The Sun.

“We are disappointed when we come off the pitch and feel angry and disappointed. There are times when we finish a game you just sit in the changing room looking into space because you can’t understand what has just happened. It’s tough to take. You are always trying to look for a positive solution.

“It’s not easy. The feeling of winning games week in, week out is one that everyone in the dressing room is used to. So it’s what we enjoy and we want it back. To not have it this year is not the best.

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“Performances haven’t been at the level they should, mine included. I haven’t been anywhere near my usual level.

“We want the results and winning trophies to be the main attraction for the football club like it has been for so many years. That’s why I came here, because of the rich history and with the new owners and new direction, it was a no-brainer. And I have no regrets at all.”

Raheem Sterling continued by acknowledging that Chelsea FC have not been as consistent as his former team Manchester City, though he emphasized that his old team required a lot of time to establish that in the first place.

“Consistency and structure go hand in hand and City have that in abundance,” he continued. “My first few years at City were nothing like that. We were all over the place. They weren’t the best.

“We had one management leave and another came in. Pep came in and, in the first season, played good football but it wasn’t there. But there was structure and time to implement his way, get the right players and people buying into it.”

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