Chelsea FC are in negotiations with Stake, an online gambling company, to become their new main sponsors.

Chelsea FC was denied permission to circumvent Premier League rules regarding shirt sponsorship.


Getting that deal done right before it would be against the rules in the Premier League, but it appears that part of the reason we’re going down this path is desperation and last-minute scrambling because the Blues’ other main option is already against Premier League rules.

According to several reports, including one from The Athletic, Chelsea were “refused permission” to reach a deal (of unknown amount) with US-based streaming service Paramount Plus, who sponsored Inter Milan for the final two matches of last season due to some missed payments on behalf of their previous sponsor.

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The Champions League and Serie A broadcast rights are held by Paramount Plus in the United States, and they have nothing to do with the Premier League directly, but they do carry the Premier League in Mexico and Central America,

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which creates a conflict of interest with other broadcasters for the league in other territories (particularly in the United States, where Paramount could potentially bid against current rights-holders NBC in the future) and is clearly in violation of the league’s “Deed of Licence.”

In any case, this is a disaster, which doesn’t exactly reflect well on the alleged business-savvy of Chelsea’s new owners.