The recent report revealed that, FA will ban any breakaway clubs from signing foreign players as part of their new rules designed to prevent the Big Six Premier League clubs attempting to set up any new European Super League.

Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur came under huge backlash following their decision to create an European Super League alongside 6 other clubs across Europe.

FA now have power over allowing European Union players into Premier League.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham spoken on how the FA could prevent a repeat of Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal ditching domestic football.

“We may tweak some aspects of the visa system to make sure that people only get visas for our competitions which we accredit.

He added: “So, you can’t pull in talent from abroad to play in competitions that we don’t sanction. They couldn’t bring in foreign players to play in that [breakaway] competition.

“[We will] make sure our rule book is tightened up. The Premier League are doing the same, the Premier League rules were voted through at the Premier League AGM. We’re working on a few tweaks.”

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