Gary Neville honestly admitted that he felt his former club Manchester United are currently behind Chelsea in the race for the Premier League crown.

Speaking on the Webby & O’Neill YouTube channel, Neville gave a frank assessment about his former club title chances.

Gary Neville admits Manchester United are behind Chelsea in title race. (Image: Sky Sports)

“I personally don’t think we are ready for the title this year,” confessed the former Red Devils defender.  

“That’s purely not because I don’t think United are capable of winning the title. I just think there are a couple of other teams around us at the moment that are really good.

“I think Chelsea are at an unbelievable moment, I think City are. This is such a strong Premier League.

“This is why I say I don’t think Manchester United will win the title this year because this is one of the strongest Premier League I’ve ever seen.

“This Chelsea team, you saw them on Sunday at Anfield when they went down to ten men and still looked like they could win the game with ten minutes to go. They were comfortable.”

Chelsea showed their stripes against Liverpool last weekend, having ripped apart Arsenal in the previous match and Gary Neville believed United would struggle to keep pace with.

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