Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has been called up by Spain for Euro 2020.

The Spaniard’s last callup was in 2018, but a return to the team under Thomas Tuchel this season, leading to an impressive string of clean sheets, has clearly done enough to convince Luis Enrique he’s worth taking to the tournament.

The fact that Azpi can play in so many positions – everywhere in a back 3 or most part of a back 4 – means he’s especially valuable in an international tournament where teams have to prepare for everything.

The fact he’s an older head, an exemplary professional, and a well liked character only helps. Enrique is a gruff character himself, and he puts a lot of stock in creating a solid group at any tournament.

He got a red card yesterday, but that’s a tiny stain on what’s otherwise an exemplary record.

Good luck Azpi! We know you’ll do your club proud.